“In America, a small business is a big deal” – Bob Beauprez

Small businesses are what keep our economy running, provide new jobs, and create the vibrant cultures we live in and enjoy. But our small businesses have taken probably the biggest hit during the pandemic. With stay-at-home orders and capacity limitations, many small businesses have not been able to do as much business in the past year as they have in the past, not to mention having increased expenses for hazard pay and sanitation supplies.

As individuals in our community, we have a wonderful opportunity to intentionally support and encourage our local small businesses during this time. Here’s 10 practical things that you can do today to help the businesses in your community:

  1. Shop and Eat Local: This one is probably the most obvious. We can assist small businesses by giving them our business. Whether that’s in-person, online, takeout, or delivery, most businesses are offering some way to receive their products or services. Think of buying local before buying from big businesses.
  2. Buy Gift Cards: Buying gift cards is a great way to help businesses with their current cash flow. If you know you’ll be buying gifts for friends and family later, buy a gift card now to help your local business through its potential current financial struggle.
  3. Check with your service providers to see if they are offering their services online: Many businesses like gyms, yoga instructors, and tutors are now offering online services where in-person contact is still restricted.
  4. Tip Generously: If ever there was a time to go the extra mile in helping one another, it’s now. Tipping generously and often is a wonderful way to pay it forward and be an encouragement to someone who needs it.
  5. Buy Merch: Buying apparel and gear from your favorite local businesses is a great way to support them financially and give them some advertising as well. Not to mention, it’s an excuse to buy yourself something nice too. :)

Free Ways to Support Local Businesses:

  1. Engage with their Social Media Content: The more people get eyes on their marketing content, the more businesses they will get.
  2. Spread the Word: Tell all your family and friends about your favorite local businesses and encourage them to shop local as well.
  3. Leave a Good Review: A good review or comment not only tells other customers that a business is credible, but it also is encouraging for a small business to know that they still have support in their community.
  4. Adjust to your Local Businesses’ “New Normal”: Small businesses have had to adjust in order to survive, and one huge way you can support them is by adjusting with them instead of complaining that it’s not like what it used to be.
  5. Show Genuine Appreciation: A kind word goes a long way. Whether you send a message online, write a kind note, or share with them in person that you appreciate their hard work, you can encourage your local businesses to keep going even though it’s hard.

There you have it: 10 ways you can support your local businesses today. Let’s be a community that supports entrepreneurship and encourages each other to keep going even when it gets rough.

Check out how we are supporting local businesses in our community and how you can take part. Go to our events page to get the latest news on upcoming community and educational events!

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