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Santa Maria Valley’s annual Business Expo returns for a day filled with #SantaMariaStyle networking! Hosted by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, the event will take place Thursday, March 3rd at the Radisson Hotel in Santa Maria. The event is open to the public from 11 am to 2 pm, and is free to attend.

Expo 2022 will feature booths from over 70 local businesses in the Santa Maria Valley and is a great way for both business owners and our local community to connect with businesses in Santa Maria. We highly encourage you to come out and network with your fellow businesses!
In addition, there will be 12 passport locations located throughout Expo 2022! Be sure to visit all 12 locations for your chance to win an authentic Santa Maria Style oak BBQ pit from Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters, and 2 round-trip plane tickets to Las Vegas from the Santa Maria Valley Public Airport District.

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