From a car parts salesman in Mexico City to an accounting firm in Ventura, California who just celebrated 10 years in business: This is the story of our roots.

In 1992, Fidel Ramirez left Mexico City with $200 in his pocket to find a better life for his family. He arrived in Carpinteria, California, and landed a job at NAPA Auto Parts as a salesman for their Spanish-speaking customers.

In the meantime, his wife and 5 children (Juliana and Natalia among them), stayed in Mexico City waiting to hear from him. In order to make ends meet while Fidel was looking for a job, they sold tamales in El Mercado before school every morning. Juliana recalls one occasion when the health inspector came to take away her tamale pot because she did not have the proper permits to sell food.

2 years later, The Ramirez family was reunited in California. Fidel had since advanced in the company and was selling auto parts to English-speaking clients as well, and in 2020, the Ramirez family purchased the same NAPA store where Fidel started working nearly 30 years ago.

Juliana says that she and her siblings learned from their dad what it means to be loyal and dedicated, to work hard, and to hold true to your roots and your faith. They have all gone on to be productive members of society and give back to their communities.

JR Bookkeeping is a fruit of Fidel’s labor and sacrifice. It is representative of the American Dream for the Ramirez family, and it shines as a beacon of hope to others in search of a better life.