We have some exciting news! As you might already know, we love our Ventura and Santa Barbara County business communities and have worked very hard over the years to give back by supporting and promoting local small businesses.

Along those lines, we’ve developed a truly unique way of serving small businesses in our communities, which we proudly call The Accounting Hub.

The Accounting Hub by JR Bookkeeping is ideal for startups and small businesses who are doing their own bookkeeping and could use some professional help in ensuring they’re doing it right. It replaces long-term contracts and high-cost monthly services with affordable, convenient, interactive sessions with a real live person that are always available on an as-needed basis. This means that businesses from all across Ventura and Santa Barbara counties can get the 1-on-1 personal help they need at a cost they can afford, remote or in-person.

Here’s the full story on The Accounting Hub:

The Accounting Hub by JR Bookkeeping: A Great New Resource for Small Businesses

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new extension to their Accounting Support service called The Accounting Hub. The Accounting Hub will transform how companies deal with their accounting procedures. JR Bookkeeping is always looking for new ways to better the client experience and has finally tapped into this golden opportunity. The new launch will bring The Accounting Hub to the local communities of Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and soon others, on appointed days.

“In the past and through this pandemic, we have learned that small businesses often don’t have the right support or budget to handle their accounting properly. Covid-19 brought this to the surface as businesses that we helped in partnership with EDC, SCORE, and WEV, did not have the proper resources to easily access the assistance provided by local, state, and federal agencies, such as EIDL, PPP, and the California Relief Grant,” says a spokesperson for JR Bookkeeping.

JR Bookkeeping has created The Accounting Hub to help small businesses with resources, tools, and training that is often needed.

The company will bring this new format to each city, each month, for those who would like to meet in person. They will also conduct remote sessions through Zoom, allowing clients to select the time and date needed for an hour-long session. Excited to discover more? Click here to be directed to the company’s scheduling site.

“Every business is unique, which is exactly why you need an accounting system that’s in alignment with your business and easy to follow. Our new Accounting Hub is your opportunity to troubleshoot your accounting systems, have them analyzed by our dedicated accounting expert, Juliana Ramirez and her team, and continue receiving the support you have come to experience from us,” says a spokesperson for JR Bookkeeping.

After its launch in 2012, JR Bookkeeping has been passionate about serving the community they call home. Whether that involves providing help to small businesses like themselves, or creating jobs that help others live, work, and invest in the community, the company is dedicated to building a future together.