Special Offers Terms & Conditions

JR Bookkeeping (hereafter “we”) affirms the following to any person(s) and/or associates thereof who uses this website (https://jrbookkeepingservices.com) and/or attempts, successfully or unsuccessfully, to complete and/or submit the ‘Special Offer 1 Month Free’ inquiry form:

Starting from the date of your submission, you will have 10 regular business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and any federal holidays) to schedule and execute your onboarding consultation and sign up for the bookkeeping, accounting support, or payroll services of your choice in order to secure your one free month of services. While we will make every effort to take the initiative in contacting you and attempting to schedule your onboarding consultation, the responsibility therein, as well as that of executing said consultation, ultimately lies with you.

Completion or submission of the ‘Special Offer 1 Month Free’ inquiry form does not constitute between you and JR Bookkeeping any kind of binding agreement, contract, initiation of services, etc., neither does it obligate either party to the other. The filling out or submission of the form represents merely your interest in the promotion offered and nothing more.

If you miss your 10-business-day window for taking advantage of the ‘month of free services’ offer, it will be at our discretion whether or not to continue to extend the offer to you. If you do miss your window, you are also welcome to resubmit an inquiry form after 10 business days. No limit is placed on the number of times you are allowed to submit inquiry.

Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, associated services, support options, and the like with respect to any services, offers, promotions, etc., presented on this website are subject to change without notice. For questions, please feel free to contact us.

Effective as of February 2020.