In the past several decades, the opportunities for women in the workplace have increased tremendously, and with good reason. Men and women are different, both with their strengths and their weaknesses, so when working together in the workforce, we can accomplish great things. 

According to this study of over 700 corporate leaders and aspiring leaders, businesses with a higher percentage of women in the workplace experienced greater overall satisfaction and unity, specifically in these areas:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • More business loyalty and dedication
  • More meaningful work
  • Less burnout

What Women Look for in a Job

The research also asked women what they value in a job. Here were the top three:

1. Passion

Women want their job to be more than just a check to pay the bills – they want their job to be their passion. Women want to feel as though they have an impact on the world around them, and they value working for a company that is invested in helping them find what their calling is.

2. Flexibility

Having a balanced work and home life is very important to women, especially to mothers who are also caring for their children at home. So naturally, women value a job that provides flexibility in when, where, and how they work. The opportunity that has arisen in part from the pandemic to work from home may prove to be beneficial for women in the long run, and companies that want to create a good working environment for women should keep in mind how they can facilitate flexibility in schedule and routine for their employees.

3. Real Leadership Opportunities

While women are just as eager for promotions in the workplace as men are, their apprehensions in turning down an offered position had less to do with factors such as wanting more money, not wanting to relocate, and not desiring the job and more to do with fearing they would not be respected or supported in the new leadership role. What women desire are “real” leadership positions with actual influence and opportunity to promote change, not precarious leadership positions with high stakes and a high likelihood of failure.

We’re Proud to Serve our Community

Women can bring vibrance and a fresh perspective to a workplace, and we at JRB are so thankful to work and live in a community that welcomes the value and input that we as a women-owned business can offer.

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